hands pouring oil into a funnel of a car engine

Why is it necessary to change your car oil?

Know why you should change your car oil!

Changing your car’s oil is very important to maintain the perfect level of your car. Keeping proper friction between your car parts while driving is crucial, which only happens with good-quality car oil. The oil acts as a lubricant and maintains good friction. Your car needs your attention more than you think. Proper maintenance of your vehicle will lead to longevity and better functioning. To learn more about changing your car oil, continue reading this blog by the Carstars Auto Sales dealership in Olympia, WA.

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2021 Toyota RAV4 front quarter view

Used Toyota Vehicles Available in Olympia, WA!

Are there any Pre-owned Toyota Vehicles Available in Olympia, WA?  

While the automobile market is saturated with vehicles of different makes and models, Toyota vehicles always stand out from the crowd due to their attractive design and performance features. Although you may be tempted to buy a brand-new Toyota, you may not have adequate funds for it. In that case, you can opt for the next best option: buying a used Toyota model. Therefore, if you are a resident of Olympia, WA, and are looking for a pre-owned Toyota vehicle, we at Carstars Auto & RV Sales have this article for you. While you are on our website, glance through our services page so that you know where to go when it’s time for your new Toyota to get a multi-point inspection, oil change, etc.  

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Used vehicles parked parallelly

Benefits of Buying a Used Car Instead of New

Advantages of Buying a Used Car

As an enthusiastic car lover, you are always tempted to buy the next big flashy car. You get swayed by its charm and magic that you fail to prioritize your financial budget. It might be shiny for you, but it does not fit your budget. Do you want to burden yourself with unpleasant debts and expenses? What if we tell you that you can get the same benefits and utilities at a lower cost? Does it sound like a good deal? Used cars are another great option. Purchasing a used car will protect you from a lot of inconveniences and save you a lot of money. Keep reading this blog by the Carstairs Auto Sales dealership in Olympia, WA, to learn more about the advantages of buying a used car.

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2021 Ford Bronco

What 2021 Model Year Ford Vehicles Have Manual Transmission?

Manual Transmission Ford Vehicles   

Oh, the pleasures of manual transmissions. Isn’t it true that we’re all obliged to adore them? Stick-shift automobiles and trucks, on the other hand, are rapidly becoming obsolete. Only a sparse number of new cars and trucks come equipped with “standard shift” as a standard feature. Despite the fact that the manual transmission’s future appears gloomy, there are still a few dissenters. So, what 2021 model year Ford vehicles have a manual transmission? Read this blog by Carstar Auto Sale to learn all about the manual transmission vehicles by Ford. After that, feel free to browse through our available Ford inventory here in Olympia, WA!  

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