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Why is it necessary to change your car oil?

Know why you should change your car oil!

Changing your car’s oil is very important to maintain the perfect level of your car. Keeping proper friction between your car parts while driving is crucial, which only happens with good-quality car oil. The oil acts as a lubricant and maintains good friction. Your car needs your attention more than you think. Proper maintenance of your vehicle will lead to longevity and better functioning. To learn more about changing your car oil, continue reading this blog by the Carstars Auto Sales dealership in Olympia, WA.

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When is it time to change your car oil?

You can check your owner’s manual to see the frequency at which you should get your car oil changed according to the model you own. If you fail to do so, you should look for signs in your car that indicate if it’s time for you to take your vehicle to a service center so you can get the oil changed by qualified technicians.

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The signs you need to look for to know if your car needs an oil change include – oil-change or check-engine light is on, the oil color turned dark, and the engine is making more noise than usual. If you notice any of these signs, it suggests that your car needs an oil change. You should take your vehicle to a service center sooner than later.

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