Mechanic fixing the brakes in a car

Brake Pad Replacement: Why and When Is it Important?

Why is Brake Pad Replacement and Service Necessary for You? 

It’s fun to accelerate and cruise from one place to another in your car. But it is also necessary that you’re able to stop at a red light, when an automobile or pedestrian comes in your path suddenly, and when it seems like you’re losing control. To ensure the ability to come to a clean stop, it’s essential that your brake system is in top-notch condition. Chances are that you’ll have to replace your vehicle’s brake pads a few times over the years. So, why is brake pad replacement and service necessary for you? We give you the lowdown at Carstars Auto Sales in Olympia, WA!   

What Are Brake Pads? 

When you put your foot down on the brake pedal, the calipers in your brakes begin to close. They squeeze the rotors from both sides. This action creates immense friction causing your car’s wheels to spin more slowly until they come to a stop. Brake pads are the surfaces on the calipers that are in direct contact with the rotors during braking. They generate and absorb much of the friction, resulting in them wearing down so often. 

Mechanic repairing brake pad
Brake pad installation

What Are the Warning Signs That Your Vehicle’s Brake Pads Need to be Changed? 

Some of the key signs that your vehicle’s brake pads need to be changed are as follows: 

  • A Longer stopping distance 
  • Screeching sounds when the brakes are applied 
  • An audible grinding or squealing 
  • Vibrations when using the brakes 
  • Pulling of the vehicle to one side when you’re trying to stop 

Can I Get a Brake Pad Replacement in Olympia, WA? 

Yes, absolutely! At Carstars Auto Sales, we prioritize safety, and brake pad replacement is one of our more common procedures. You can schedule a service appointment at the dealership or walk in! Our service technicians are well-trained, and our service department is equipped with the latest technology. 

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