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Must-have Car Features for a Safe & Comfortable Ride

5 Most Basic Essential Features of a Car That You Must Know

A car has a few features that you must consider before buying a new vehicle. These are the essential features you’ll need for a safe & comfortable ride. Below are such features. Read the blog post by the Carstars Auto Sales in Olympia. WA, to learn about the essential features of a car for a safe and comfortable ride. 

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Anti-Lock Braking System  

From the safety point of view, this is the essential must-have feature in any car. With this brilliant feature, you can reduce the braking distance & regulate the pressure on the brakes. It allows the driver to steer the vehicle & veer abruptly during emergency braking.  


The more airbags the car has, the safer the journey it will provide. Airbags are one of the must-have features after ABS & EBD. It reduces the fatalities in an accident & prevents injury of the passengers.  

Wireless Phone Integration  

Nowadays, staying connected is crucial for people. Unfortunately, staying connected can trigger distracted driving & cause car crashes on the road. Android Auto & Apple Car Play reduces distractions with lots of voice controls so that you can stay connected without being distracted.  

Head-Up Display  

It provides you with tons of basic essential information on the windscreen. It is an active safety feature that gives you information regarding speed, turn-by-turn navigation & audio information.

hands of the driver on the steering wheel of a Mercedes-Benz
2022 Toyota Corolla

Reverse Parking Sensor  

This system attaches a proximity parking sensor at the vehicle’s base. It senses when the car gets too close to an object & warns the driver.  

As you must have noticed, the abovementioned list amplifies almost all of a car’s significant aspects. You can also consider other features such as inflated tires, configurable boot space, auto door lock & central locking, rear wiper, and all four power windows. Remember, the destination is rewarded for safe driving. 

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